Internist Mailing List| List of Internal Medical Specialists

Internist Mailing List

The internist is a physician specialized in treating the diseases of the adults by surgical or non-surgical methods. You can call this specialty as internal medicine.

What are the subspecialties can we reach via the Internist Mailing List?

Allergy and Immunology Internist (immune system)  Internist for Cardiovascular Disease (Heart and Vascular System)
Transplant Cardiology Internist  Internist Interventional Cardiology
Internist Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology  Endocrinology Internist (Diabetes, thyroid, and other metabolic disorders)
Gastroenterology Internist (Gastrointestinal system, liver, and gall bladder)  Transplant Hepatology Internist
Hematology Internist (Blood)  Infectious Disease Internist (Bacterial, viral, fungal, and parasitic infections)
Nephrology Internist (Kidneys)  Oncology Internist (Cancer)
Pulmonary Disease (Lungs and Respiratory System)  Rheumatology (Joints and musculoskeletal system)

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What are the marketing channels we support for sales promotion?

Internist Mailing List

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Internist Mailing List

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