Foreign Physician Mailing List

A foreign physician is a physician who has graduated in a medical school or college other than the country where they are residing. Just as the physicians treat various kinds of health issues, based on their specialties, the foreign physicians treat the patients who approach them.

At E-Healthcare Lists, the contact information of the foreign physicians is accessible to you via Foreign Physician Mailing List. If you are searching for the right audiences, our List of Foreign Physicians is a collection of those who are willing to explore the international market in-depth. Divert your investment on our Foreign Physicians Contact Database & see how your business picks up in b2b campaigns!

Data Count of Foreign Physicians in USA & Rest of the world

Country-wise Foreign Physicians              Count
USA              35,000
UK              30,000
Canada              35,000
Australia              33,000
New Zealand              32,400
Germany              50,000
Sweden              25,000
France              29,000
African Countries              15,000
Asian Countries              27,000

Key Features of Foreign Physicians Mailing List

Foreign Physician Mailing List

Foreign Physicians Mailing List by subspecialties

Aerospace Foreign Physicians              Orthopedists Foreign Physicians
Cardiologists Foreign Physicians              Foreign Primary Care Physicians
Endocrinologist Foreign Physicians              Gynecologist Foreign Physicians
Psychiatrist Foreign Physicians              Rheumatologist Foreign Physicians
Neurologist Foreign Physicians              Others

Trusted Sources

Foreign Physician Mailing List

At E-Healthcare Lists, we collate the data from the above-mentioned sources and build various types of tailored databases, keeping the client requirement in mind.

Advantages of Foreign Physicians Mailing List

In the world of digital marketing, a comprehensive Foreign Physicians Mailing List comes in hand as they contain a focused list of buyers. E-Healthcare Lists offers the following benefits:

•   Niche Contacts
•   Direct access to top decision-makers
•   Easy customization
•   Pick & choose the right buyers in a short time
•   Avoid Guesswork

Our Foreign Physicians Mailing List connects you to the healthcare centers like:

Foreign Physician Mailing List

Common Marketing Details in Foreign Physicians Mailing List

First Name              Last Name
Practice Specialty              Email Address
Postal Address              Zip Code
Phone Number              Fax Number
Business Name              Web Address
SIC /NAICS Code              NPI Numbers
License Number              Specialty Code

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