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A Nurse Practitioner (NP) diagnoses the patient. They detect the patient’s area of treatment in the body & prescribes the medication. To enhance your nurse practitioner database, you need to know their needs. Are you ready with the right devices? Reach us at E-Healthcare Lists to invest in our Nurse Practitioners (NP) Mailing List. Be the first person to tap on the unexplored market areas to gain an unfair advantage for your campaigns!

Distribution of Nurse Practitioners Mailing List & subspecialties

Nurse Practitioners Specialty              Count
Acute Care Nurse Practitioners              6,300
ENT Nurse Practitioners              5,000
Family Nurse Practitioners              15,000
Pediatric Nurse Practitioners              30,000
Women’s Health Nurse Practitioners              12,000
Cardiology Nurse Practitioners              35,000
Certified Nurse Practitioners              28,000
Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)              32,000
Registered Nurses(RN)              34,123
Others              100,000

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Why do we need Nurse Practitioners Mailing List?

According to the statistical analysis, there is an expected growth of at least 31% of Nurse Practitioners (NP). Most of the top nurse practitioners are already engaged with their regular product suppliers. This makes it tough to pull them towards your brand unless they are quite flexible. With E-Healthcare Lists, you can do the same at a faster pace & capture the market through a List of Nurse Practitioners. At E-Healthcare Lists, you get the following advantages, using Nurse Practitioners Mailing List

       Barriers to competitor entry in unexplored market areas
       Be in your profit-making spree in business campaigns
       Increases your chance of retaining your customers
       Gain new customers
       Helps in economic & personal growth

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Nurse Practitioners First Name Nurse Practitioners Last Name Practice Specialty
Email Address   Web Address Office Address
Mobile Number Landline Number Fax Number
Business Name Home Address Zip Code
SIC /NAICS Code & NPI Numbers License Number Specialty Code

At E-Healthcare Lists, we aim & commit towards providing you with a top-rated List of Nurse Practitioners. We not only guarantee you by words when it comes to deliverability. It is the performance of our Nurse Practitioners email database that speaks for your business.

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