Naturopathic Physicians mailing lists

Naturopathic Physicians Mailing List

Naturopathic Physicians use natural remedies for the patient’s wellness. They recommend medicinal herbs, massage, acupuncture, exercise, and nutritional counseling.

Distribution of Naturopathic Physicians Mailing List with subspecialties

American Association of Naturopathic Physicians Traditional Naturopathic Physicians
Licensed Naturopathic Physicians Massage Therapists
Acupuncturists Ayurveda Physicians
Yoga Teachers Naturopathy Practitioners
Naturopathic Doctors Others

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Naturopathic mailing lists

USA State-wise Count of Naturopathic Physicians Mailing List

State Count State Count
Maryland 5,610 California 4,400
Florida 3,200 Georgia 2,900
New York 2,590 Illinois 2570
Indiana 2,170 New Jersey 1,620
Texas 1,590 Washington 1,470
Ohio 1,330 Other States 11,640

Naturopathic mailing lists

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Naturopathic Physicians Mailing List by country

Naturopathic Physicians Mailing List

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