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The nurse assistants follow the instructions of the registered & licensed nurses in hospitals and assist them in attending to the patients. Is your business focused on Nurse Assistants? Struggling to get the required traffic? Or finding difficulty to convert enough leads? Is your business focused on Nurse Assistants? At E-Healthcare Lists we are glad to assist you with our Nurse Assistants Mailing List.

Our Nurse Assistant Mailing List with data counts

  Nurse Assistant Specialties Data Count
  Registered Practice Nurse Assistants 20,119
  Hospice Palliative Nurse Assistants 7,500
  Cardiovascular Nurse Assistants 22,000
  Critical Care Nurse Assistants 20,200
  Nephrology Nurse Assistants 23,700
  Gastroenterology Nurse Assistants 16,800
  Orthopedic Nurse Assistants 30,800
  Robotic Nurse Assistants 35,400
  Licensed Practical Nurses 27,505
  Licensed Vocational Nurses 3,654
  Nurse-Midwives Assistants 2,725
  Others 70,000

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