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Obtain the email lists of worldwide healthcare providers and market them successfully to the decision-makers

Healthcare Industry is one of the happening industries and the global suppliers of the email lists all over the world where new waves of opportunities come on the market and they remain for a long time. The entire healthcare center, be it a large hospital or the small clinic or the practice need all the necessary things that begin from advertising to office, healthcare equipment, and medical supplies. E-Health-Care-Lists are one such vendor that is specialized in Healthcare Email Lists & Mailing Lists, where you can get new business opportunities, buying our customized Email List & Mailing List. You only need to search by specialty that you want to reach out to and target your results with a number of selections like geographical location, hobbies, interests, number of employees, credit rating, and others. Though we specialize in Healthcare email List & Mailing List, our email lists not limited to that. We have the email lists of other industries as well.

Why choose E-Health-Care-Lists to buy an email list?

E-Health-Care-Lists offers you the email lists where you can

•   Target your prospects either by title or by industry, geography, demography.
•   revenue, SIC/NAIC, NPI numbers, interests hobbies, and others
•   You can own and manage the Email List and Mailing List in-house
•   The records are verified and updated continuously and regularly
•   Prepackaged as well as customized email database
•   Our Email Lists are opt-in as we strictly abide by the Can-Spam Act.

All the email lists mandatorily have the basic customer information like contact name, phone no, email address, and other additional information which helps you to target and approach the right buyers.

We have a diligent team that does not differentiate between our customers. We apply the same dedication in designing the email database according to the client specifications.

How does our Email List help in your business?

If you are dealing with the medical products and the healthcare equipment and are in search of the right decision-makers, interested in buying your products, E-Health-Care-Lists provides you the email that you exactly need. Our Email List in the Healthcare domain contains the information on physicians, dentists, dermatologists, oncologists, surgeons and others that are available in the prepackaged format as well as the customized format. We offer you the personalized email database according to your specifications from any industry. With E-Health-Care-Lists you can avail some of the benefits with respect to the email list.

Benefits of cardiologist Email List & Email list

•   Reach out to the perfect audience.
•   Reduce your sales cycle to save your time and resources.
•   Higher return on investment.
•   Provide direct contact with the right decision-makers
•   Improves customer base
•   Helps in brand recognition
•   Enables you to divert the huge traffic to your website
•   Less investment, High returns
•   Easy to access
•   Affordable
•   Ready to use
•   Right segmentation of your marketing list
•   Helps in building a trusted reputation in the market
•   Increased Return on Investment (ROI) with least marketing cost.

What are the services we render?

We at E-Health-Care-Lists perform the activities on a regular basis. They are

Email Appending Services – Takes place when you have a list of email addresses where your client database is matched against the vendor database in order to add missing email addresses to the list. It follows the process of updating, validating and validating the existing the b2b email lists.

Phone Appending Services – It is a process of adding the new phone numbers that help in connecting and communicating better with the existing customers as well as the prospective ones. Apart from that, your customer’s phone number is also updated in your database.

Postal Appending Services – In this service, we add as well as update the postal addresses of the clients in your customer base.

Social Media Appending Services – This adds the social media profile details which maximizes your marketing power and reach out to anybody on your list and have interactive conversations. There is a scope of building great connections.

Reverse Appending Services – If you have the email address but need a corresponding postal address, reverse appending services come into the picture.

Which industries use our email list?

The industries that use our email lists are

Information Technology – In this domain, you get the email lists of all the decision-makers that are related to technology.

Healthcare – The Healthcare Email List & Mailing List enables you to meet all types of decision-making physicians, surgeons, doctors, the specialists, pharmacists and others.

Manufacturing – Targets all types of decision-makers for various industries like chemicals manufacturing, paper manufacturing, computer manufacturing etc.

Banks – Covers the email lists of all the decision-makers in banks like directors, C-Level Executives, President, Vice-President, Senior Manager, General Managers, and Managers.

Insurance – You get the email lists of all the concerned persons in the insurance companies where you get an immediate appointment with them to promote your products to them.

Pharmaceuticals – Avail all Pharmaceutical companies & executives email lists where you can get connected to the executive-level decision-makers as soon as you send them b2b emails and reach out to them.


Trade shows, Trade Magazines, Business Directories, Seminars, Surveys, Health Care Directories, Online Subscriptions, Business Directories Exhibition, etc.

Let’s start planning out your business campaign right away

You can reach out to any decision-makers from any industry that you desire or target any of the entrepreneurs or the healthcare executives using our email list.

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